Anchor Project: Prototyping Mobility: CCA in the City

Prototyping Mobility is a modular system of mobile structures that can be reconfigured to serve a variety of functions. The modules will be deployed on Market Street as a temporary exhibition and event space, showcasing work produced by students and faculty at California College of the Arts. The prototype is a product of an Advanced Studio in CCA’s Architecture Division, and it draws from precedents in tactical urbanism and reconfigurable structures to imagine new models of public engagement through temporary, mobile architecture. After the festival, the modules will be located permanently on CCA’s Back Lot maker space as mobile workstations to be used for future design-build projects.

See this link for more info on the Prototyping Mobility events planned throughout the Festival weekend.

Prototyping Mobility


Artists / Designers:

CCA Architecture Advanced Studio, Spring 2015:

Adam Marcus (instructor)
Barry Atiabet
Keith Edwards
Joshua Evans
Danny Hsieh
Mila Ilieva-Dominguez
Reynaldo Kambey
Thomas Monroy
Ryan Montgomery
Mark Nicholson
Chien Lien Pan
Murhaf Salameh
Adithi Satish
Jin Shen