Anchor Project: Outpost

For three days in April, Market Street will become a public platform for over 50 projects testing ideas for improving San Francisco’s main thoroughfare. Entitled the Market Street Prototyping Festival, this event is an experiment in how we could remake our civic spine. Believing that artists and designers can be provocative agents in helping us reimagine our cities, the Studio for Urban Projects has created Outpost as a way of helping us to claim Market Street at this crucial moment.

Our aim is to serve the Central Market district, home to one of San Francisco’s densest neighborhoods, and with some of the least access to open space. Performing as both installation and event, Outpost will pilot 72 hours of programming attempting to provoke new ways to interact with nature, enhance the life of the street, and connect us to active transportation. We will lead tours of the wildlife in the area, offer planting workshops, screen films, fix bikes, eat and play. Housed in a simple prefabricated structure–inspired by the space frame systems of the 1960s in which the design can be easily constructed, modified, and replicated–Outpost is a prototype of both program and structure.

Please come participate, play, relax, tend, watch, listen, discuss, plant and enjoy. We invite you to enact the kind of street you want to see. These efforts are part of a broad national and international movement in which people are claiming streets and making experiments, trials and prototypes. What we do here will inspire the new direction of Market Street and create new models in the worldwide movement to make our streets about people.

Outpost has been created by the Studio for Urban Projects as official design captains of the Market Street Prototyping Festival. This project is made possible by of the San Francisco Planning Department, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the Knight Foundation.

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