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This Public Bench Turns Into A Merry-Go-Round To Connect Strangers On The Street

05-15-2015. Fast Company / Co-Exist
You’re not going to want to stare at your smartphone when you’re riding on this thing. Read more »

Re-Imagining A City: Temporary exhibits take over San Francisco streets

04-17-2015. Inhabitat
San Francisco recently played host to a 3-day explosion of interactive street art and urban designs installed along Market Street, a major boulevard through the city’s downtown. Read more »

Will S.F.’s Market Street Be Redesigned Into a Place for Play?

04-15-2015. Next City
st Thursday morning, a cohort of visiting government officials, nonprofit founders and advocates for the arts spilled onto San Francisco’s Market Street to discover a hexagonal ping-pong table. Read more »

Musical Traffic Lights, And Other Street Projects That Made San Franciscans Look Up From Their Phones

04-14-2015. Fast Company / Co-Exist
The city’s Market Street Prototyping Festival featured over 50 creative installations that were hard to ignore. Read more »

Control These Robotic Flowers With Your Mind

04-13-2015. Fast Company
Self-proclaimed “robot fan” Ashley Newton has invented a set of gorgeous robotic flowers that you control with your mind. Read more »

Giant Typewriters, Glowing Trees Take Over San Francisco

04-13-2015. CurbedSF
Despite a series of makeovers over the decades meant to turn Market Street into a pedestrian magnet, San Francisco’s main thoroughfare often feels like a place to scurry through, not linger. Read more »

Photos of the Week: April 6-12, 2015

04-13-2015. San Francisco Chronicle
Read more » ( subscription required )

San Francisco’s Musical Traffic Light Pedestrian Orchestra

04-13-2015. GOOD Magazine
If you happened to be on the streets of San Francisco last weekend, particular Market, you were certainly in for a (cardboard) treat. Read more »

Massive Prototyping Fest Turns Market Street into Temporary Urban Playground

04-10-2015. Curbed SF
Despite a series of makeovers over the decades meant to turn Market Street into a pedestrian magnet, SF’s main thoroughfare often feels like a place to scurry through, not linger. Read more »

Walking Through the Prototyping Festival

04-10-2015. SF Gate
Walking to work last Thursday, I came upon participants in the Market Street Prototyping Festival getting set up for the week-end’s activities. In every installation from Van Ness to Fifth Street, my route, the feeling of anticipation/excitement was high. Read more »

藝術原型設計亮相 美化舊金山街道

04-10-2015. NTD Television SF Bay Area
想過在街上與陌生人一起演奏樂器、打一場乒乓球嗎?在舊金山的街道上,你就會發現這些樂事將成為可能。一起來看看吧。 See video »

52 Wacky Art Exhibits You Can Play With Take Over San Francisco’s Market Street For 3 Days

04-09-2015. SF Business Times
Dozens of art exhibitions will flood Market Street starting Thursday as the public prepares to vote on which ones will become a permanent fixture in this rapidly changing San Francisco corridor. Read more »

Painter tells stories behind Golden Gate Park statues

04-09-2015. SF Gate
The florid Minervini paintings are part of a visual arts renaissance on Market Street that has nothing to do with the long-awaited Mid-Market arts district. There are brilliant murals painted by renegades on construction fences and security grates, and this weekend, there will be 52 art installations lining the street to form the Market Street Prototyping Festival. Read more »

San Francisco’s Market Street Festooned with Public Art for 3-Day Fest

04-09-2015. ABC 7 News
A six-sided ping pong table and a giant rocking chair made of grass were among the art installations along San Francisco’s Market Street and it’s all part of a three-day festival that could determine Market Street’s future. Read more »

5 Bay Area events to check out, April 9-12

04-08-2015. SF Gate
Running from the waterfront to the Financial District, through downtown and to the Castro, Market Street is arguably the heart of San Francisco. So how do you make it more vibrant? An open call to artists asking that very question resulted in hundreds of submissions, 50 of which will be created as prototypes and put on display Thursday through Saturday at the Market Street Prototyping Festival. Read more »

Prototyping Festival Set To Take Over Market Street Sidewalks

04-07-2015. Hoodline
There’s never a dull moment on Market Street, and the upcoming Prototyping Festival plans to make San Francisco’s busy pedestrian thoroughfare even more vibrant this Thursday through Saturday. Read more »

3-day outburst of art taking over Market Street

04-07-2015. San Francisco Chronicle
On Thursday morning, 52 elaborate art installations, ranging from a giant kitchen table and chairs to a walk-through kaleidoscope, will be open to interpretation on the double-wide sidewalks of Market Street. On Saturday evening, the exhibition ends, and by Monday morning, it will all be gone without a trace. Read more » ( subscription required )

Prototyping Festival hopes to bring a new look and feel to Market Street

03-31-2015. SF Gate
Though it is essentially the spine of the city, running through San Francisco’s middle section, touching its tourist hubs, shopping meccas, and business centers, Market Street has also historically been kind of disturbing: dirty, dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists, bus riders and drivers alike, drug addled, fecal stained and difficult to navigate. Enter the Market Street Prototyping Festival. Read more »

Thousands to ditch cars, take to sidewalks for Walk to Work Day

03-25-2015. SF Gate
Next week, San Franciscans will take to the streets for their daily commute. The third annual Walk to Work Day (http://walk2workday.org) is April 9, when thousands of people who live or work in the city will celebrate the most healthy and sustainable way to travel at one of the dozen-plus Walk to Work Day “hubs.” Read more »

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